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Perform SEO to get more traffic to your site and get better Search Engine Rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Free SEO audits are available if requested.

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Social Media

Social media is probably the most used advertising & marketing strategy used today.

Grow your audience, expand your brand and get more sales.

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Pay per click advertising will generate leads quickly, increase traffic and improve sales.

Search Engine Marketing & Mobile marketing gets you out there, quickly.

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Ymarketing offers Online Marketing Services on a Consulting and/or Performance basis for SEO, Social Media, AdWords, Analytics, Data Analysis, Ecommerce, Websites & Development, just to name a few, basically any marketing service that is driven online.

We provide Custom Marketing Packages to best fit your business and budget.

Get noticed with a top end fully functional online marketing company.

Analytics /
Data Analysis

Marketing relies on data, and by this we mean your overall statistics and performance of leads generated and converted to a sale.

Ymarketing can analyse your Google Analytics data and derive where you may have holes in your online marketing.

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Website /

Websites these days are a dime a dozen, but this is only dependant on functionality.

Professionally developed websites is our key, and due to us being a marketing company, we initiate our jobs with finesse and web pages that are SEO ready for you.

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Online Marketing consulting services are set to improve not just your online productivity, but your own office productivity, online marketing and management process.

Our consultant will be certified in Online Marketing. We have operated in many industries, so we either understand your industry and needs, or else we have a pretty good idea of your requirements.

Contact us, we like a challenge.

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A Good Online Marketing Company

Why not the best marketing company? Well, just because we not the best, does not mean anything.

Ymarketing works just as hard and if not longer hours for our clients, and just by the way, our clients are not treated as numbers.

We prefer to have a relationship with our clients, unlike other marketing companies that use the term in their slogans, but a good solid working relationship, so that you know you can call us anytime and we will assist where we can.

Therefore we bow down to the “Self Acclaimed” best marketing companies. They might portray more staff… yada yada chit chat, but we can do the same work with less staff.

Ymarketing has the professionalism of a top class online marketing agency. Don’t believe us? Ask our clients or take a good look at our testimonials.

Our staff not only treats you with professional courtesy. We provide your business with a remarkable outcome and solid marketing advice to help drive your business needs in an online world on a minimal budget.

Our professional online services, no matter what your niche market, can help drive leads to your site for a better ROI and show you how your expense on marketing will pay for itself.

Improve your Companies Online Marketing?

Every business is always looking for ways to improve their  company marketing online.

We, here at Ymarketing, are strategists. We sit and develop online marketing strategies, not just to improve your online marketing, but your ROI as well.

With performance based billing, your online marketing is not tied down into a contract of any sort. So you win either way.

Social Media

We will manage your Brand on Social media and increase your online audience. We also do online reputation management.

Web Design

Having a great looking website design and not having to cost you an arm and a leg. We are the right choice!

Local SEO

Gain a foothold on search rankings and get more traffic to your website. Various SEO packages are available.


Direct email marketing with your clients to increase awareness, promote products and services.


Part of search engine marketing. Paid online advertising is quick, short term and provides great results.

SEO & Search Engine Marketing

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing for the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results.


Improve your advertising and brand awareness through SEM.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors/traffic to a website for better recognition.

On-Page SEO

Improve your search traffic to your website and your search ranking, with SEO.

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SEO Packages

We offer tailored seo packages to suit your requirements from local seo, on page seo & global seo.

Search Engine Optimisation Pricing

We also offer customised seo packages to best suit your need requirements.

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I always receive the most professional and quick service from YMarketing. I would highly recommend YMarketing.
Marié Malherbe-de Villiers
I have had the most professional and pleasant service, with excellent advise throughout the setup of all my Marketing Materials. I would highly recommend YMarketing
Liyana van Wyk
Awesome service and great looking websites. Also Wesley’s knowledge of SEO is so in-depth – they really succeed in getting your website to the first page!
Jolene Wood