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Google AdWords display advertising and search engine marketing.

AdWords & How it Works?

Adwords is Google’s online advertising platform that help’s you drive targeted clients to your website based on their search term, keyword, location or related content, thus making creating awareness to your product or service at the same time as generating a potential lead.

You can create a AdWords account here

Your create either text (most common) or display Ads for your campaign.
You get to choose what days you want them to appear as well as your daily budget, so that you don’t go over your limit.

You can grade your Ads here.

This is part of the core of your AdWords campaign. You research potential keywords which you find relevant to your product or service. These keywords then get placed into each Ad group or campaign, depending on how you have it setup.
Your Ads then show according to the keyword someone has typed in and bidding strategy. The ranking of your Ad, depends on other factors which we will discuss.
Adwords allows you to choose which area you want your Ads to target. This GEO target location is great for only targeting a single suburb or a single city. The benefit of this is that if you are a local business and you only service clients in your city and surrounding areas, you can now target just those potential clients in your area without having to worry about the rest of the country.
This is great for brand awareness, whereby you have small Ads designed, which display on other websites related to your business or trade market.
This is charged on a cost per mille basis, which is for every 1000 displays your Ad has made.
Your AdWords budget is the amount you want to spend each day over a period of time.
If your cost per click is R20, and your daily budget is R100. This means that you can have a max of 5 clicks for that day.
If you run your Ads over week days for the whole month, your total AdWords budget for the month is R2000.

AdWords (PPC) for Front Page Google Results

Most searchers these days do not pass the first page of Google, which is why it is so cut throat silly to get to the first page of Google. Having to spend countless hours, money and resources to get a first page position.

Now it is easier with Search Engine Marketing , using AdWords.

So now we have AdWords, a simplistic way of targeting a specific area with keywords which you pay for on a click basis.

Have either clever text Ads written to entice people to click on your Ad instead of your competitor, or, have Ads designed for traffic purposes and awareness.

Using Adwords is a short term solution. By this we mean that you don’t always want to pay to get to the first page of Google.

By using Search Engine Marketing combined with SEO, you have a good basis of generating traffic to your site, as well as improving your search ranking over time with SEO.

Ymarketing has exclusive ways of improving your Ads ranking to the first position and improving your click through rate.

Google Adwords display advertising & Search engine marketing