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More Traffic & Better Search Results with a Local SEO Company in Johannesburg.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to the standards set by search engine giants, like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

A website is unlikely to rank well unless certain key elements are followed to make search engines happy. So in order to achieve this process, we need to implement a process called SEO.

Furthemore, there are so many factors concerning SEO, because due to the wide spread spam over the past decade, Google has come up with an algorithm that avoids in-experienced SEO companies from taking part in these “Black Hat” SEO strategies and as a result, puts back your SEO and gets your site penalized for something you never paid for.

SEO Services & Consulting

If your business has it’s own SEO team and want a consultant or trainer, or whether you are running your own company and want to learn how to do SEO. Then Ymarketing is the answer.

With our great training skills, we try to take the most technical terms and make it plain and simple for you or your staff to understand.

All training and consulting is done by Wesley van Wyk, a certified Digital marketer and SEO professional.

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Have a Free SEO Audit done according to our checklist.

Performing an SEO Audit

Ymarketing will perform an SEO audit of your website. In this audit we will cover the “On page” basis, whereby we will do checks to see the health of your website in terms of ranking factors following the latest Google update, as well as looking into your Local¬†standing and backlink performance.

A free audit is done according to our checklist, covering up to 500 links/URL’s on your website for the audit.

We ensure that your content is optimised and the relevant tags are up to par, performing like they are suppose to be.

An analysis is done on your competitors as well as keyword research for the most relevant package, namely Local, Regional, National or Global SEO packages.

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