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Local SEO Company Performing Local SEO On Your Website

The art of local SEO is the optimisation of your website pages or business to rank better in google for your particular product or service in an area around your business.

Let’s face it, if you are only servicing your local area, there is no point in trying to optimise your website for SEO in Cape Town when you are based in Johannesburg.

This is why you need local SEO in Gauteng to rank higher in Google because you only service that particular area or region. Does this make sense?

Local SEO Specialist in Johannesburg

Wesley van Wyk is a qualified Digital Marketer and Local SEO Specialist in Johannesburg.

With over 6 years experience in SEO, Wesley has assisted many companies with their SEO as well as SEO consulting and provided them with rock solid advice in future implementations.

Wesley helps to improve, not just your website’s SEO but your companies SEO strategy towards future implementation of products or services.

Whilst being a locally based SEO specialist in johannesburg, Wesley often travels far and wide assisting local companies with their SEO and online marketing strategies.

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Local SEO specialist in Johannesburg